Woven fabrics of our items

Knitting fabrics:

a) Towel fabrics
We have an extensive range of articles made with this kind of fabric.

Being basically we used as textile support continuous fibber yarn of 100% polyester, whose loop is 100% cotton, providing the article a high absorbance.

We have a range of pastel colours with the possibility of doing other colours on request.

Different fabric qualities: 2674, 2674S, 3070,….which differ in composition and weight and have different looks according loop density.

We have also Bamboo towel fabric.

b) Circular knitted fabrics
(large diameter circular knitting machine)

Interlock fabrics of different gauges, being mainly used as raw material 100% PES continuous textured yarns. Some fabrics have a natural finishing, other are bleached and other are dyed in different colours depending on the article.

It’s being used also plain knitted fabric made of 100% PES cut fibber yarns, 100% Viscose (Tencel) and Polyester/cotton intimate blend.

Tricot knitted fabric;

Fabrics made with Ketten machines, charmeuse ligament, with continuous fibber yarns mostly in 100% Polyamide, which are used in several colours and used as different supports for several articles.

Woven fabrics:

Sheet fabric
Only a single bound to make several articles. One in Polyester/cotton, intimate blend, in colour white and a second article in 100% cotton, bleached and napping (flannel).

Non woven fabric;
Several non woven fabrics, in different thickness, on the basis of fibers 100% bleached polyester.



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