Protective Films

Films and coatings

The films used during the lamination processes are of PVC (polyvinyl chlorides) or Polyurethane.

a) PVC (Polyvinylchlorid)

  • The PVC films are used to produce articles for mattress protection and their complements as well, but also for producing fabrics designed for blackout curtains. All the articles with PVC are completely impermeable. The maximal final width is 210 cm.
  • Being used films of thickness until 80 micron for mattress protection fabrics.  Generally in colour white.
  • And being used films of until 180 microns for blackout curtains fabrics. We have films in metallised grey colour and light grey. We can also offer you these products in fireproof quality.


- Polyurethane films are much thinner than PVC films, nevertheless they have
the characteristic of being impermeable and breathable at the same time.

The final maximal width is 205 cm.

  • For the mattress protection fabrics are used films of until 50 microns in colour white or in some cases transparent colour.
  • For the fabrics destined to the making-up of sportswear clothing are used thinner films to get more breathable articles.


Schematic physical properties with PU articles

Materials used in our coating processes are formulated and produced in-house. Getting the PVC paste or PU paste. The width of our coated articles goes from 150 to 220 cm

a) PVC (Polyvinyl chloride)
The PVC coatings are used for articles designed for the mattress protection and their complements. They are totally impermeable. Being able to be formulated also in fireproof version and with antibacterial and fungicide properties. The usual weight of our PVC coated articles is around 300 g/m2.


  • Our PU coated articles are mainly used for the mattress protection articles and their complements. We also have articles designed for the making-up of sportswear clothing, industrial clothes, and so on…
  • The PU coating gives these articles the property of being impermeable while permeable to water vapour (breathable).They can be also fireproof, antibacterial and fungicide. With this process we obtain high transpiration articles.


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