Induction Coatings

The coating process is done by induction with transfer machine. This process allow us to make very homogeneous layers, then the adhesive penetrates the fabric and keep them fully integrated, the fabric with the adhesive and the previous plastic layer, obtaining this way very high quality articles, which are very resistant to several washes.

We formulate the coating pastes of Polyurethane or PVC, which may be different according specifications of each product or the special specifications from customer


With PU we make several coatings and we get lighter and more transpirable articles.

With PVC we make several coatings, which are heavier but much more resistant.

PVC or PU layers can be coloured and also added additives to get articles with additional properties as it can be fireproof, anti-mites, slippery, water-repellent, thermo-welded, without phtalats, and so on… And we can also get that the article has a touch-dry, a sticky feel….


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